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Art is my passion - I don’t choose that word lightly.  And I don’t mean: I heart art.  I do – I love the process of making art and I love engaging with and experiencing the art of others – but when I say: “Art is my passion,” I’m using the original definition of passion, from the Latin: to endure; to suffer. 


All artists, I’m sure, carry the scars of creation: paper cuts and X-Acto cuts, chemical burns, hot glue burns, soldering iron burns… not to mention sleepless nights.  But Art is responsible for more than just a bit of physical discomfort to its maker. 


Too many times to count, for the sake of Art, I’ve packed a backpack full of art supplies and journeyed off – alone – toward places unknown; places where I didn’t know another soul, places where I didn’t speak the language.  For Art I lived in an office cubicle for a month, “cooking” all of my meals in the lunch room.  For Art I worked in a factory, I carved tombstones for pets, I served as the live entertainment at a lavish dinner party.  For Art I fell from high places – naked.  Once, I even ran into a room full of toxic smoke.  And, most recently, I wrote blog posts (!); all for the sake of Art.

For over two decades, Art has forced me to go way past all of my boundaries and pushed me completely out of my comfort zone - which is why I wake up excited to do it again, every day.

In that time I also moved from the Pacific Northwest to the Mountain West; collecting a BS and a BFA in Fine Art, a Master's in Architecture, and a husband and son along the way.  I currently live and work in lovely Lafayette, Colorado.


"Art is... a shared human connection that traces the possibilities of past and future in the whorl of now."

- Jeanette Winterson, Art Objects


Lafayette, CO, USA


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